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“I never asked for a yes, and I don’t need a no” perfectly summarizes the unwavering ambition that drives Priscilla Block. A singer-songwriter from Raleigh, NC, Block fuses country pop and southern rock to form the Block Party sound.


“I have many artists who inspire me on a daily basis,” says Block. “Taylor Swift was really the first artist and songwriter who made me believe that I could pursue music, especially being so young.”


As her friends made plans to go to college after high school, Priscilla, never afraid to take a “different route”, moved to the heart of country music: Nashville, TN. Knowing the importance of networking, Priscilla quickly immersed herself in the Music City by performing at writers rounds throughout town, writing with other artists, and building a fan base one by one.


Block held off on releasing music for a couple of years, diligently writing in the “Songwriting Capital of the World” and crafting her style. “The more I write, the more I get to know myself. I love writing about real life experiences and the ups and downs that I’ve gone through. I don’t sugar coat anything, and I think that’s the beauty of songwriting and being an artist,” Block explained.


In 2017, Priscilla finally felt ready to share her collection of musical stories in the form of an EP. Wanting to involve her fans in the project, she created a Kickstarter to fund the EP entitled: “Different Route”. The support she received was above and beyond the original monetary goal. After its release in August 2017, Priscilla sold out her EP release show at Raleigh music scene staple: Deep South the Bar. She was also invited to play at the “best original music party in Nashville”: Whiskey Jam, showing that she could win over and impress both fans and the industry. After the founder, Ward Gunther, invited her back to play for a second time, Whiskey Jam shared to their Instagram followers, “What a sweet soul. Priscilla Block, you are awesome and I love how much fun you stir up in the room.”


Since moving to Nashville, Block has self-booked over 200 shows. She is a perennial performer for the Nashville Gunslingers at Dawghouse Saloon and The Movement at the Listening Room. Priscilla also performs regularly at Puckett’s, Tin Roof, and the St. Jude Benefit Concert in Huntingdon, TN. Furthermore, she has been the pre-show entertainment at Bridgestone Arena’s Tavern ‘96 for acts such as, Lady Antebellum, the Dixie Chicks, Brad Paisley, and Luke Bryan.


Knowing full well this is only the beginning, Priscilla has big plans to tour this year. Follow Priscilla on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to catch a ride in the passenger seat of her country music journey.

“What a sweet soul, Priscilla Block you are awesome and I love how much fun you stir up in the room.”

                                                             - Whiskey Jam